Body & Grace

What my lifestyle is about? It's  about healthy relationship with a food, enjoying the quick and healthy preparation and being fully aware of what you are eating and filling your body with.

You need Carbs, you need Fats, you need Protein. There is just important to know what to avoid and your body will appreciate that, good timing of some particular meals, recommended portion size of your ingredients and some couple of quick tricks which will guarantee you the enjoyable moments with your meal. And one more thing! Don't forget about the colours.Always try to prepare your plate with all the  colours of the rainbow, and you will please not just your tummy, but also your eyes.

MY LIFESTYLE is not just about getting used to the regular training routine, but also creating a positive attitude towards the healthy eating habits. Enjoying the preparation which does not take a long time  and will not create

a disaster in your kitchen. :-)

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