Don't waste the time unreasonably, focus on the real sincerity and honesty.

How I found myself being lost in the real ''unreality'' around me for couple of times.Several times. Maybe around like 47x.

It's commenced 47th day of lockdown and I have honestly started thinking how I used the time so far. Yes, the first moments of rejecting everything around, feelings of being miserably unproductive, my brain hard disk reminded me some days my very first computer. Felt like I was already missing just tamagotchi and my time would be absolutely flushed down to the toilet.

Another side of my strong moments, when I thought I had everything under control. Waking up early morning and practising my daily routines, feeling great. Yes, that's how I am gonna literally ''restart'' my system.YAY! Sat down, opened the virtual world,suddenly thinking again where is the tamagotchi. You probably guess right, failed.Again.

I have always had kind of disability to ''follow the crowd''. My head is always thinking about the other way, the special way, but the honest way. And that was my biggest issue I was dealing with, first couple of weeks. Why is everyone simply able to jump into this ''comedy'' and pretend how funny it is and enjoyable in the first place.

I gave myself a time and realise couple of things. I need to focus on the real life. The real sincerity, the real honesty around you, the real REALITY. Everything will be seemed much more clear for you. At least for me. I don't see where my journey ends, no one knows. But the REAL and HONEST steps are helping me ''become a brilliant beacon, shining with joy and happiness and living the life with confidence and courage. 'Cause If you shine with a radiant light, there can be no darkness in your life.'' - D.Ikeda

Another 3 weeks of lockdown ahead. Let's guess how many times I will try to be looking for the tamagotchi yet.

Stay safe, hustlers.