Don't be looking for your real ''YOU'', it's wasting of your life time, make a choice.

I have been told several times '' you are so lucky,Lucy, you've found yourself, look at me, I m still kind of lost this world''. It's not about being lucky though.It's not about waking up one day and saying to yourself- Yes, I found myself. No.

We all are coming from the same boat. We all were born with the passion for something. It is either our inner comfort or laziness of placing ourself into the position to sacrifice something in order to explore more of the passion we have, or it's our inner fear. Both are the natural features for human being, I guess.

Everything is about your life attitude and dedication to explore. I will be completely honest to you. You are either too lazy to explore more, or you are crazy enough to face the fear, like me- lol, and literally being wolfish and passionate to explore the life.

''There are two ways of approaching life. The first is coping and the second is challenging to change a situation.'' - Kazuo Fujii (lecture 1993)

Both have got the same base, however the results are different. COMPLETELY.

If you are in the position that you are trying to cope with some life situation, everything is linked to the past experience. ''It is a conservative attitude, limited, restricted, passive, defensive, dependent.'' Me personally don't see any vision of this approach.However ''the way to change is determination based on wisdom. It is positive, creative, independent, attacking and seeing.'' And in this approach I see a huge and massive vision of the life itself.

You can either project your past to the present, or project your present to the future. It's your choice.

You are responsible for your life, your REAL life.

My head speaks a lot recently, but it seems like kind of determination of the coaches, the right ones.

Stay safe, hustlers.