Lucy Krizan

Fully qualified Fitness trainer, Personal trainer and Life coach, with a diploma for Obesity and Diabetes, additional specialist diploma for indoor spinning, exercise referral, outdoor group exercise and sport conditioning. I am honestly passionate about this life I am living and grateful being able to share it with others through the fitness and healthy lifestyle.

My training is based on using the precious gift I was given - my BODY which I train to be FIT and to become the best version of myself, specialising for the body-weight training & functional training, amateur boxing, outdoor running and dynamic yoga flow motions.


I have been gifted with a deep sense of understanding the people and their mindset, hence I am sure I am the right person who can help others through their barriers, whether with fitness, personal or any other life obstacles. My

personality is represented with a contagious and honest energy what I prove the best when I train the people or perform various classes.It is about that moments when I feel the energy from the people. The more people are approaching to me, the more energy I am capable to share with them.


                         Trust my vibes, it's real.

The Life I was given is a preciousness...

3 Things, I love about myself

My positive soul vibes, which are unique and can make the people smiling at the streets just for nothing

My huge dedication and inner desire to help people

My honest kindness

‘’Nothing can stop the blessings that are coming your way.It’s already divinely yours.

You are chosen for you gift.It’s done. I am just completely focused on that and  ready to multiply my blessings.’’ - I am here to show you how to live the life and dreams instead of comparing, judging and competing externally. ‘ Cause we become what we think. We are shaped by our thoughts. ‘’ When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.’’- Buddha…

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